Our New Research Structure

17 Oct 2019

After months of planning, consultation and preparation, today we launched our new research structure.

Why have we changed our research structure?

Children’s Cancer Institute has had unprecedented growth and success, advancing translation and discovery of our research to improve outcomes for children diagnosed with cancer. In 2018 we developed our five-year Strategic Plan. One of the key priorities to achieve our strategy was the reorganisation of our research structure.

What does this mean for the research?

Organising our research groups into Themes will bring together complimentary expertise and knowledge in order to foster and build on our collaborative environment – further enhancing the quality and impact of our research.

The five research THEMES are:

Through the Thematic structure we aim to promote an enhanced environment for sharing knowledge, ideas and opportunities. By organising our research Teams and Groups into Themes, we bring together researchers working in aligned areas, building new collaborations, funding, training and career development opportunities.

Each independent research Team and Group within the organisation now sits within a Theme. Each Theme will be overseen by a Theme Head, who also has their own research Group within that Theme. The Head’s role is to foster communication, collaborations and interactions both within and across themes, as well as to mentor and support our emerging research leaders. 

This new structure can grow and adapt as needed. As new Teams and Groups join us, they’ll integrate into the most research appropriate Theme. Individual Teams and Groups will be expected to participate in more than one Theme to foster inter-disciplinary collaborations.

We’re excited to put this new framework into action.