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At Children's Cancer Institute we are working everyday to find safer and more effective treatments so that every child with cancer can not only survive, but go on to live a long and healthy life.

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60 years ago, childhood cancer was a death sentence. Today, 8 out of 10 children will survive. But there is much work to be done.
Medical research is how we will cure all children of cancer. 

Worldwide, about 400,000 new cases of cancer are diagnosed each year in children and adolescents.

Cancer kills three children every week in Australia – more than any other disease.

70% of children who survive cancer suffer long-term side effects from their treatment.

Zero Childhood Cancer

A landmark moment in the treatment of children with cancer was reached late last year, with the Zero Childhood Cancer Program becoming available to all children with cancer in Australia. This means that every child diagnosed with cancer, regardless of their cancer type or risk profile, will have access to this world-leading comprehensive precision medicine program.

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Not everyone gets to live as long as you have. Show your appreciation by donating $1 for every year of life you have been lucky enough to live, and help children beat cancer.

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When you donate to Children’s Cancer Institute, your donations are applied in the most effective way possible. 

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84 cents of every dollar at Children's Cancer Institute was spent directly on dedicated research to help cure childhood cancer.

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We’ve made great progress. But we won’t stop until the job is done; with your help, we can cure all children of cancer. 

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Cancer cuts life short for hundreds of children in Australia every year, before they’ve even had a chance to make their mark. You can help change that. Be part of a team that is working tirelessly to find a cure for childhood cancer. A team that is working together every day to help children live longer and more fulfilling lives.

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