Day in the life: brain cancer researcher

31 May 2023
Today marks the final day of brain cancer awareness month, a month dedicated to bringing awareness to the tragedy of brain cancer and in our case, a month dedicated to the trying effort of curing one of the most fatal diagnosis a child could have. Children's Cancer Institute has been fighting brain cancer for over 20 years now, making research breakthroughs such as establishing Australia's first DIPG tumour bank in 2012, identifying several potential therapies through projects such as Levi's Project, and the progressing developments of our Zero Childhood Cancer program. These milestones mean our goal of curing childhood cancer is drawing closer and closer. 

Dr Rebecca Lehmann, one of our researchers in our dedicated Brain Tumours group, provides a run through of what her day looks like as a researcher in one of our many research groups under the institute. We'd like to keep up our fight for many years to come and continuing the journey we've had, so that one day we can happily say that childhood cancer, brain cancer included, is no more.

At Children's Cancer Institute it's not if, it's when.

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