We're building a house in 21 days!

With 100% of the sale proceeds going to childhood cancer research

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About Build for a Cure

This August we are joining forces with our very generous supporters at McDonald Jones Homes, Mulgoa Sanctuary and Mulgoa Quarries, to build a house in just 21 days. 100% of the proceeds from the sale donated to Children's Cancer Institute.

This incredible support will allow us to conduct research for safer and more effective treatments for childhood cancer, so we can one day achieve our vision of curing all children of cancer.

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Curing Childhood Cancer

Every week 20 children are diagnosed with cancer in Australia.

Children's Cancer Institute exists solely to put an end to childhood cancer through research. We don't just hope to do it. We will do it.

All funds raised from Build for a Cure will go towards our vital medical research so that one day we will cure all children of cancer.

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Many hands make light work

If you're wondering how we are going to build a house in 21 days, check out this time lapse video from our 2018 Build for a Cure project.