Becoming a monthly giver

When we come together, we can make a big impact

All children deserve a childhood free from cancer. Join our community of like-minded individuals who are funding future research to end the suffering of children with cancer. Giving a monthly donation is one of the best ways to support children with cancer. 

By becoming a monthly giver, you will join our committed community who contribute to the Institute on an ongoing basis, to help us deliver long-term, life-saving research – research that will one day end childhood cancer for good.

There can be no greater investment than saving a child’s life." 

Professor Michelle Haber AM
Executive Director, Children’s Cancer Institute

Why become a monthly giver?

  • Your steady and consistent support enables us to plan ahead, with your generous donations contributing to our long-term strategic goals 
  • You choose the frequency and amount you can contribute, making it more manageable for you to give to a cause you are passionate about 
  • Your donations are tax-deductible. Your annual tax receipt is sent to you in July of each year, along with the impact your generosity has made to children with cancer 
  • Curing childhood cancer is not a matter of if, but when, and you become part of our vision of one day, curing all children with cancer. Your kindness empowers our researchers to find the undiscovered answers that will one day help to cure a child’s cancer.  

The decision you make today will help children with cancer now, and into the future. You can do something truly life changing.

Become a monthly giver today

Our promise to you

We value every single dollar donated, and that’s why we make this promise to you. 

  • We promise to steward your donations responsibly and use them to have the most powerful impact on our medical research.
  • We promise to revolutionise the future of how children with cancer are treated.
  • We promise to continue to innovate and develop better treatments for children which are more effective, less toxic and have fewer side effects.
  • We promise to one day cure every child of cancer so that no child misses their childhood.

Where your donation goes.

84% Research & scientific activities to help cure childhood cancer.

Last year, 84 cents of every dollar spent within the Institute was spent directly on dedicated research to help cure childhood cancer.

10% Fundraising activities to generate donations and increase funding.

6% Core support services and infrastructure cost, vital to keep the Institute running.

Frequently asked questions

What is monthly giving? 

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Monthly giving funds medical research with a set amount on an ongoing, monthly basis. We know that when we come together, we can make a big impact, which is why monthly giving is one of the most effective ways you can support children with cancer.

When will my gift come out? 

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Your first gift is debited on the day you sign up, so it can get to work straight away. Every time you give you are bringing us closer to a cure. 

Can I amend my gift? 

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Yes, you can make an amendment to you gift at any time – please contact us on or email to talk to one of our team. 

Will I get a receipt? 

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Yes, you will receive a tax-deductible receipt in July each year, of your total donations made within the financial year.