Gene Regulation in Cancer

Ware working to understand the genetic alterations that lead to childhood cancer, so we can better treat and prevent it.

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It is well understood that altered gene regulation plays a major role in cancer. However, very little is known about the specific alterations that lead to the development of cancer in children.

Research aims

Our aims are to understand the molecular mechanisms behind the initiation and progression of childhood cancer, and to use this information to develop more effective treatments and prevention strategies.

Our approaches

Our various approaches include: 

  • Studying factors in the pre- and peri-natal environment that influence cancer initiation.

  • Using single cell profiling to decipher mechanisms of neuroblastoma tumorigenesis.

  • Using genomics to investigate critical genes and pathways that drive neuroblastoma.

  • Developing small molecule inhibitors against novel onco-factors.

Research groups

Student Projects 2024

Student Projects 2024

Student Projects 2024


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