My first Mother’s Day without Byron

11 May 2018

In the approach to Mother’s Day, one of our incredible supporters, Sasha, contacted us about some words she had written as she was thinking about the approach of her first Mother’s Day without her son Byron.

Byron sadly passed away from Neuroblastoma on the 12th August 2017, just 9 days before his 3rd birthday.

Sasha believes that through sharing Bryon’s story she can help raise awareness and funds for our research, so one day no more lives like Byron’s are taken too soon.


Byron & Sasha with chocolates

Mother’s Day – by Sasha, Byron’s mum

This Mother’s Day, I will miss walking into my son Byron’s hospital room, to hear his angelic voice wishing me Happy Mother’s Day.  It was the first time he could communicate these words at the age of 2, and little did I know these would also be the last.

Mother’s Day 2017 was spent in a hospital room, but I’m not complaining, it was perfect for the situation we were in. Coming together as a little family, being provided with unconditional love from my baby, and precious moments with my little boy. 

Byron took joy in feeding me chocolates, we read Mother’s Day books together, and I watched him as I always did, engrossed in all his toy cars. My goodness, he loved cars!

Whilst it was all lovely, the extreme circumstances we found ourselves in, definitely played on my mind that day. At just two years old, Byron was dealing with a life-threatening illness, Neuroblastoma, an aggressive Childhood Cancer.

I felt Fear, I felt Love, I felt happiness, I felt sadness, but mostly I had hope that we would get to the end of the rainbow, and find that pot of gold called life without Cancer.

Sasha & Byron in hospital

This weekend we celebrate and thank:

The seasoned-pro mums.
The new mums.
The mums who have a child that is unwell.
The mums who have lost a child.
The women who yearn to be a mum.
The pregnant mums.
The mums who are sharing their childhood cancer journey to help our research find the cure, just like Sasha.
And all the mums in between.

Happy Mother’s Day.

If you would like to make a donation to support our research please click here. Find out more about neuroblastoma here.