Madeleine's Diary of a Researcher

29 Sep 2021

This Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, we’re delighted to take you into the labs with Madeleine, Research Assistant with our Experimental Therapeutics Group.

Over a series of videos, you will get a look at how, even under difficult circumstances, we are keeping our research going to achieve our vision of curing all children of cancer.

Day 1

Madeleine introduces herself and her research.


Day 2

Madeleine takes you through our labs (which are looking a bit quieter at the moment) and explains the essential research work still happening at the Institute.


Day 3

Madeleine explains the challenges of treating neuroblastoma, the most common solid tumour in early childhood, and how her research group is addressing these challenges to develop treatments that are not only more effective, but safer for children.


Day 4

Madeleine explains her current research project, looking at the role of a new drug called venetoclax in combination with a variety of drugs, to analyse the effectiveness in reducing the growth of neuroblastoma.


Day 5

Madeleine takes us through how she makes up the drug venetoclax in order to test it on models of neuroblastoma in the labs.


Day 6

Day 7 

Day 8