Join us this Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

31 Aug 2021

September marks International Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, a month when we honour all children with cancer – those who have survived this devastating disease and those who very sadly have not. These children are the sole focus of our research here at Children’s Cancer institute - because every child makes a difference.

Here at the Institute, we are as determined as ever to solve the challenge of childhood cancer because even during COVID, 20 children will be diagnosed with cancer this week. And next week. Every week this year.

So join us and ‘go gold’ this September to mark Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. You can show your support in a number of ways.

1. Donate a brick

Thanks to our generous partners, this Spring we are delighted to Build for a Cure.

You can support by donating a brick to our virtual house. Leave a message of gratitude and see it as part of the house. All donations go to our vital research to cure all kids of cancer.

2. Get social

Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Linked In. Share and engage with our posts to raise awareness with your friends and families.

3. Spread the word

We have a variety of resources you can use to raise awareness of childhood cancer and the vital role of research in helping to cure all children. Share them with your networks via social media, email or on that little too familiar zoom meeting!

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Social graphics

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Raise awareness of the impact of childhood cancer with one of our infographics. Share on your social channels or via email. Click an image to download.


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4. Promote our work

Have a look at our latest discoveries and share with your networks so they can find out more about our world-leading research.

Thank you for helping us ‘go gold’ this September for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month!