A life should be long | Show your support this Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

01 Sep 2022

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, a time when we honour all children with cancer – past and present – and acknowledge the enormous impact childhood cancer has in our communities, our country, and our world.

Cancer cuts life short for hundreds of children every year, before they’ve even had a chance to make their mark. And for those who survive, life is never the same again. Not only do they deal with the ever-present threat of the cancer returning, they also face the prospect of serious long-term health problems caused by the very treatment that saved their life.

Like you, we believe that a life should be long. That every child should get the chance to grow up and grow old. To plan exciting futures, chase their dreams, and fulfil their potential.

Through medical research, our aim is to provide safer and more effective treatments for children with cancer, so that not only they survive, but their hopes and dreams do too.

This month we are launching our new ‘A life should be long’ campaign. Created by the team at Orphan Creative, in association with renowned animator Julian Frost, the campaign tells the story of a little boy, his hopes and dreams for his future. A future that is in doubt because of childhood cancer.

You can show your support this Childhood Cancer Awareness Month:

  1. Made a donation to our 'A life should be long' campaign here.
  2. Share the animation on social media and help raise awareness for our life-saving work.
  3. Download one of the below graphics and share on social media for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.

Your support helps raise incredibly valuable funds and awareness for our work to find safer and more effective treatments for children with cancer. Because the future of every child makes a difference.

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