We provide bioinformatic expertise to all research teams at Children’s Cancer Institute.

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What we do

The bioinformatics team is responsible for overseeing all the bioinformatic needs for every research team at Children’s Cancer Institute, as well as aiding clinicians and Fellows at the Kids Cancer Centre in the Sydney Children’s Hospital. As technology evolves, researchers are increasingly seeking answers to their questions using large-scale data analysis, next-generation sequencing and publicly available datasets. We provide the bioinformatics expertise they need to do this. We aid in the analysis of approximately 200 research projects each year.

The majority of our analysis is focused on whole-genome and exome sequencing, transcriptome sequencing, targeted sequencing, single-cell RNA sequencing, ChIPseq, microarray analysis, drug sensitivity, biomarker discovery, and risk prediction analysis. In addition to running analysis and interpreting the data, we develop all the pipelines required to carry out this analysis and stay up to date with the latest bioinformatics algorithms being developed globally. Our team also develops apps for researchers to perform some of their own bioinformatics analysis on their data. These feature a user-friendly graphical user interface that runs our pipelines, as well as a platform for deeper data analysis and high quality manuscript-ready figure generation.

Another aim of our group is to educate researchers in the field of bioinformatics. We present a range of education seminars and group/individual tutorial training sessions, including proper experimental design, interpreting data, introduction to programming, working with a high-performance computing cluster, and introduction to bioinformatics and bioinformatic algorithms.

Our services

  • Developing graphical user interfaces for common bioinformatic analysis: We develop researcher-friendly apps so researchers can analyse and visualise their own data.

  • Next-generation sequencing pipelines: We develop and maintain pipelines with the latest up-to-date algorithms. We also automate pipelines so they can run in parallel.

  • Zero Childhood Cancer Program: We play a major role in setting up and maintaining the transcriptome pipelines, as well as developing a drug discovery pipeline for in vitro drug screening for the Zero Childhood Cancer national clinical trial.



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