Our new virtual lab tour

04 Feb 2022

We are delighted to officially launch Children’s Cancer Institute’s first virtual lab tour!

For a number of years, we have welcomed supporters, ambassadors, partners, media and many other stakeholders into our labs to meet our researchers and get a first-hand look at some of the science and technology behind our research.

But for many, geographical constraints, and most recently, the global Covid-19 pandemic, has made this difficult or impossible. That’s why we’re delighted to launch the Institute’s fist ever virtual lab tour.

The tour is an interactive experience, featuring a series of video flythroughs, demonstrations from our research team, 360-degree images and information that was previously only accessible by physically coming into our labs. In total, there are around 20 new pieces of content that feature on the virtual tour, some featuring information or perspectives that were previously only possible by physically coming into our labs.

The tour will not only show you what it looks like inside the Institute, but also give you a sense of how it feels – a sense of excitement, discovery, and progress. Start the tour below or visit https://ccia.youtour.com.au/#institute.

The tour features a voiceover from Emma Jones, who was diagnosed with sarcoma in her left knee at the age of seven. Now 38, Emma is happy and healthy, working as a professional voice artist and actor both in Australia and overseas. We’re proud to have Emma as an ambassador for the Institute and that she has done a wonderful job telling the Institute’s story.

We hope that you will enjoy exploring the virtual lab tour and take pride in learning about the research that so many of you have valuably contributed to. We encourage you to share with your friends family and professional networks via social media.