Diary of a Researcher

05 May 2020

During this global pandemic, take a look inside our labs and see how we’re continuing the vital research that is helping kids with cancer today as Libby Huang from our Minimal Residual Disease team provides a Diary of a Researcher.

Day 1

Libby provides an introduction to herself, her role and the Minimal Residual Disease program.

Day 2

What is the Minimal Residual Disease test and how is it helping kids with cancer today?

Day 3

What’s changed in the office and labs since the social isolation restrictions came into place and how have we adapted to continue to conduct our vital research?

Day 4

Take a tour of the labs and see some of the key workspaces for our research teams.

Day 5

Libby takes us through how her commute to work has changed and the impact it has had on her daily life.

Day 6

Libby speaks about her motivation and why she loves working towards a common goal of curing all children with cancer.

Day 7

Libby speaks to Jodie Giles, a colleague from the MRD team, about her role and how things have changed with the way they conduct their work over the past few months.

Day 8

Libby gives you a hands-on look at some of the key equipment used by the team and how it helps them conduct the Minimal Residual Disease test.

Day 9

Libby speaks to her manager Nikki about how changes in the team and restrictions in the lab have changed her role during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Day 10

Libby takes us step by step through the minimal residual disease testing process and how long this takes to complete.

Day 11

Libby gives us a tour of the UNSW campus, where this usually vibrant and busy atmosphere is replaced by an almost ghost town thanks to the current situation created by COVID-19.

Day 12

With time split between the labs and working from home, Libby shows the type of work she is able to do from home and gives and example of how this works.