Elaine Neeson

Chief Information Officer


Elaine Neeson is the Chief Information Officer (CIO) for Children’s Cancer Institute and a member of the Executive Team. She leads the Technology Services Group, responsible for all elements of the Institute’s IT including the commercial data centrehybrid cloud environment, development and implementation of systems, and business intelligence. Elaine and her team work closely across all areas of the Institute to ensure technology services are aligned with strategic business needs and growth.

Elaine first joined the Institute in 2007 to project-manage its relocation into the Lowy Building on the UNSW campus. She subsequently moved through multiple roles including Risk and Compliance Manager, Head of Fundraising Operations, Strategic Operations Manager, and Head of Technologybefore taking up her current role as CIO in 2018. Prior to joining the Institute, Elaine worked for many years in business analysis and project management across the superannuation and insurance sectors.

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