Kristian's story

Where previously all the energy Kristian had was dedicated to survival, he has defied all the odds and now his energy is spent on playing, school and having fun with his brother and sister

- Marie, Kristian's Mum

There were no options left for Kristian until they were approached by the Royal Children’s Hospital (RCH), Melbourne team about the Zero Childhood Cancer precision medicine program (ZERO). 

Before diagnosis

Kristian was a healthy baby who should have been learning to walk and talk, but at just 15-months he began exhibiting seizure-like symptoms.


It took a while to receive a diagnosis, and it wasn’t until they were transferred us to the oncology unit at RCH that things became clearer, a biopsy led to Kristian being diagnosed with a rare brain tumour, Anaplastic Astrocytoma grade 3 glioma’ located in his brain stem. 

Kristian was given less than a year to live - a devastating prognosis for a child who should have a full life ahead of him

- Marie, Kristian's Mum


Kristian began intensive treatment and was hospitalised at least once a fortnight as he underwent rounds of chemotherapy.  After five months the aggressive tumour had not diminished and had grown bigger. 

There were no options left for Kristian until they were approached by the RCH team about the Zero Childhood Cancer precision medicine program (ZERO). After starting the program, a rare genetic mutation was identified, and this discovery helped doctors find a specific targeted drug treatment, which aimed to target Kristian’s precise genetic change.  

Two-year-old Kristian began taking an oral liquid medication. By the next MRI scan at the end of December 2017 the tumour had stopped growing and had shrunk.


Today Kristian continues to do well, he still attends hospital for monthly check-ups but his tumour is stable and he is improving from a clinical perspective. Although he lives with side-effects as a result of his initial treatments, he has started school (which he loves) and is willing and trying to do new things, he is attempting to walk, talk and ride his tricycle. 

Kristian has come a long way, we have had many difficult conversations with his medical team when he wasn’t expected to survive; to see him today enjoying life as any young child should fills my heart with joy. We know his recovery is unprecedented and we are so grateful he is here

- Marie, Kristian's Mum

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