Amy's story

When a little girl dies at nine years old, it’s all the life she hasn’t lived that hurts so much.

- Ren, Amy’s dad

When Ren & Sharon's daughter Amy was diagnosed with cancer at 7 years of age, she went from a bouncing ‘Duracell bunny’ to losing her ability to walk and speak in under 18 months.

Before diagnosis

Amy was a feisty little redhead who loved ballet, athletics, singing at the school talent show, and wearing monster teeth. She loved fishing with her dad and was a pro at baiting the hook, even with perfectly manicured fingernails. In her dad’s words, she was an ‘unstoppable force’.


Just after Amy's ninth birthday, she was diagnosed with a deadly brain tumour called diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma (DIPG). DIPG is an extremely aggressive childhood cancer for which there is no cure, and no effective treatment.

No family, no child, should ever have to suffer the horrors of this disease.

- Ren, Amy’s dad


The Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital became Amy's second home. Her days were filled with treatment, including radiation, which creates a hard shell around the tumour. For a while, it looked like Amy was winning. But then, like an egg, the shell around the tumour broke and the disease seeped out into her body.

Amy's last birthday

Just after Amy's 9th birthday, the disease took over and she passed away, just 16 month after diagnosis. Years later, Amy’s parents are still finding little notes that Amy hid all over their house. These ‘treasures’ show what a caring, loving little girl Amy was. Even after she was gone, she wanted her family to know how much she loved them.

Since we lost Amy, I’ve used every ounce of energy to raise money for research that will find the answers to DIPG. My pledge to our little angel is to do everything in my power to find a cure.

- Ren, Amy’s dad

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