Trusts & foundations

Children’s Cancer Institute is supported by a number of philanthropic trusts and foundations that align with our core focus and values.

The support of trusts & foundations has enabled some of our longest standing research programs to make enormous advances in our fight against childhood cancer and a number of new and exciting initiatives have evolved. 

We welcome new trusts and foundation partners to join us in our fight against childhood cancer. 

Trust and foundation partners help us by providing support in a number of ways. 

Research programs 

We are supported through grants tied to specific research programs. This helps us to continue focusing on world-class research as we can attract the best and brightest brains to the Institute. Partners are regularly updated on the progress of the research and are able to visit the labs to see first hand the difference their funding has made.

Capital equipment 

Grants are provided for us to purchase vital pieces of research equipment so we can continue to produce world-class research. Precision research requires sophisticated equipment such as microscopes, incubators and refrigerators. Partners are able to visit our labs to see how their funded equipment is being utilised in the laboratory setting.

New innovation 

Innovative research and supporting the work of young or new researchers is very important in helping to build new discoveries. It can be difficult for young or new researchers working on breakthrough research to attract significant research funding. Funding cutting-edge research or innovation is a fantastic opportunity to support new research and young researchers.

Anthony Rothe Memorial Trust 

The Anthony Rothe Memorial Trust have provided grant funding to Children’s Cancer Institute to support research into the causes, prevention, treatment and cure of leukemia and lymphoma.



Apex Foundation helped found Children’s Cancer Institute in 1984 with a $1 million donation to establish its first laboratories. The Apex Foundation provides generous annual grants for our research.

Can Too


Can Too Foundation is an independent health promotion charity committed to funding cancer research. They have been proudly supporting Children’s Cancer Institute since 2019 through the Emerging Leaders Program.

Charles Warman Foundation

The Charles Warman Foundation supports the advancement of education, the environment and the improvement of health and are supporting the advancements of liquid biopsy across the ZERO Childhood Cancer Program.

Cooper Rice-Brading Foundation

Generating critical funding for sarcoma research; promoting awareness & early diagnosis; whilst supporting those living with sarcoma & their families.

Cure Brain Cancer Foundation

Cure Brain Cancer Foundation is the leading organisation for brain cancer research, advocacy and awareness in Australia, with a time-critical mission to increase five-year survival from the current 20% to 50% by 2023. The Foundation funds research programs at Children’s Cancer Institute that focus on finding more effective, less invasive new ways to treat childhood brain cancer.

Hyundai Help For Kids

Hyundai Help for Kids helps to fund paediatric oncology clinical research and supports Children’s Cancer Institute via the SCRIPT project, which uses single cell RNA as a diagnostic to identify risk of relapse and better treatments.

Inner Wheel Australia Foundation Trust

Inner Wheel Australia are women in action, working together to make a difference and improve lives. Inner Wheel Australia have been providing generously funding 11 Cord Blood Research Grant to Dr Alla Dolnikov for her project relating top use of Cord Blood Derived T-Cells in Cancer Immunotherapy.

Live for Lily


Live for Lily Foundation was established to honour Lily Hester who was diagnosed with an extremely rare liver cancer at just 8 years old and so sadly passed away in August 2014. The Foundation was established by Lily's parents to raise vital funds to find a cure for childhood cancer so that no child or parent has to endure what Lily and her family did. 

Mark Hughes Foundation

The Mark Hughes Foundation (MHF) is a charity formed in Newcastle by Mark and Kirralee Hughes following Mark’s diagnosis with brain cancer in 2013. The MHF’s mission is to raise much needed funds for research, to create awareness and support brain cancer patients and their families.


Minderoo Foundation takes on tough, persistent issues and seeks to drive massive change. Its ‘Collaborate Against Cancer’ initiative is catalysing a global movement to accelerate cancer research, seeking effective, scalable solutions. Minderoo Foundation has supported Children’s Cancer Institute as the major philanthropic partner of the Zero Childhood Cancer Program since 2017, committing $17.2 million in funding.

Neuroblastoma Australia

Neuroblastoma Australia is a registered charity focused primarily on raising funds to improve the survival rates of neuroblastoma childhood cancer. It all started due to the inspiration of one special little girl, Sienna Hoffmann who tragically lost her life to neuroblastoma when she was just two and a half years old. Neuroblastoma Australia have been a valued supporter of Children’s Cancer Institute for several years now, funding leading research projects at the Institute to help us find a cure for neuroblastoma.



The Profield Foundation is a long-term partner that provides funding to establish a unique drug discovery program aimed at developing better and safer drugs for childhood cancer – in particular, neuroblastoma.

Reuben Pelerman Benevolent Foundation

The Reuben Pelerman Benevolent Foundation funds our Minimal Residual Disease Group, which focuses on examining acute lymphoblastic leukaemia samples using advanced molecular diagnostic techniques.

Robert Connor Dawes Foundation

The RCD Foundation supports brain matters in the areas of cancer research, care and development in memory of the ‘awesome’ Robert ‘Connor’ Dawes. After Connor lost a 16-month battle to ependymoma, the fund was created to keep his ‘Aeternum Fortis’ (eternal strength) spirit alive.

RT Hall 

The Estate of the Late RT Hall generously funds our Tumour Biology & Targeting Program, which is focused on better understanding the role and function of key proteins in cancer cells.


RUN DIPG is a charity dedicated to improving outcomes for patients, families and communities impacted by the deadliest form of childhood cancer – the brainstem cancer, diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma (DIPG), also known as diffuse midline glioma (DMG). We are committed to achieving this by raising awareness, empowering advocates and fundraising to support DMG/DIPG research. 

Tenix Foundation

The Tenix Foundation generously supports our goal of identifying, characterising and developing new molecules that will specifically target the abnormal mixed lineage leukaemia (MLL) gene that is responsible for MLL leukaemia, in order to develop a successful drug for this aggressive cancer.

The Cure

Starts Now 

The Cure Starts Now  (TCSN) Australian chapter was founded in honour of brave Amy Pedersen, who fell victim to a devastating incurable brain tumour called diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma or DIPG. TCSN is a cancer charity dedicated to a “holistic cure”, funding research at Children’s Cancer Institute to discover innovative new treatments for DIPG.

The Kids’

Cancer Project

The Kids’ Cancer Project is a leading national charity funding childhood cancer research that funds scientific research at Children’s Cancer Institute to help children with many types of cancer.  It is committed to 100% survival for children with cancer while minimising the potential harmful effects of treatment.

The Ross Trust

The purpose of the Ross Trust is to support medical and scientific research in New South Wales with emphasis on research directed at the improvement of the health and elimination or reduction of the incidence of disorders and diseases affecting infants and children. The Ross Trust have been supporting Children’s Cancer Institute since 2003 by providing various research grants including leukaemia, medulloblastoma and neuroblastoma.

Tour De Cure

Tour De Cure raise vital funds to support the doctors and scientists who have dedicated their lives to uncovering a cure. Since 2007, Tour de Cure have funded hundreds of cancer projects including some exceptionally talented scientists and brilliant childhood cancer researchers here at Children’s Cancer Institute.

Yellow Diamond Foundation

The Yellow Diamond Foundation aims to bridge the gap between the needs of those suffering from brain cancer and the lack of research and what support was currently available. The major objective is to ensure that funding can be directed to the right resources required. The Yellow Diamond Foundation has partnered with Children's Cancer Institute to help raise vital funds for paediatric brain cancer.

Zoe's Fight

Zoe's Fight Foundation (ZFF) exists to continue the legacy of their beautiful daughter, Zoe, who lost her brave 9 month battle to a rare and incurable form of Brain Cancer called giant cell glioblastoma multiforme.  Zoe's Fight Foundation is a registered charity in Australia, with all funds raised being donated to help find a cure for kids brain cancer.

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