Michael Connaghan

Head of Technology & Project Delivery, CMC Markets APAC

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I'm taking on the Snake Bath Challenge

I’m taking part in CEO Dare to Cure 2022 in support of Children’s Cancer Institute.

We all know someone who has been affected by cancer, now imagine hearing the words ‘your child has cancer’.

This year more than 1000 families will hear those words and you may not know, but cancer still kills more kids in Australia than any other disease. Every week nearly three Australian children and adolescents will die of cancer. 

I believe this is three too many, that’s why this year I have agreed to step out of my comfort zone and raise funds to find a cure for the brave kids who face the fear of treatment every single day. 

$5,000 will help us conduct minimal residual disease testing for two children with leukaemia so we can detect their risk of relapse.


Kids fighting cancer don't need miracles, they need medical research. 

Thanks for your support, you are making a real difference.

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Kevin Ruan

MC, all the best!


Lana Thornycroft

Well done MC! One to make you smile when you're sitting in a tub of snakes... What do you call a snake that works for the government? A civil serpent.


Dan Maher

Brave man! Good on ya, mate!


Mell Joslin

WOW MC!!! So brave. Good luck


Alfred Boudib

Now this I have to see! Good luck Mike!


Luke Best

Sounds scary! Good luck!


Sam Morris

Good luck with the challenge MC. Great cause.


Adrienne Connaghan

Good luck with this challenging event Michael!




Justine Mclarty

I'm looking forward to seeing photos! Great cause


Robert Palfi



To a cancer-free world! Good luck!


Lillian Wang

My goodness, for sure stepping out of your comfort zone. Bravely done and great cause, I even can't look at it.



Good to hear we are supporting this campaign. Many thanks Michael.


Rajendra Tummala



You get in a boardroom with a bunch of snakes regularly, so this should be easy :) Just joking


Attila Dobak-brockman

Done MC ! Good luck with the snakes !


Ryan Lee O'doherty

Great work MC, but i actually think you'll enjoy this challenge ;)


Michael Connaghan