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I'm taking on the The BIG Climb

Towards $1500 to be Towards Zero

The week of 12 August saw CCIA make a huge breakthrough in treating DIPG, the deadliest of childhood cancers.  The CCIA are not just talking about treating childhood cancer.  They are actively eliminating childhood cancer.  As a business owner I look to this organisation constantly for inspiration; I aim to have the courage to make such public statements: "We will cure childhood cancer.  It's not if, but when"  

As a new mum I've developed an even closer connection to an organisation that I already felt so close to.  As most of you know, we raise money for the CCIA with the Balmoral swim each year.  I wasn't able to participate this year so I'm really excited to be able to contribute towards this incredible charity.  When we saw Jack Kasses at the  swim this year, he had tears in his eyes at the work the CCIA are achieving.

$2,600 will fund the development of life-saving minimal residual disease tests to detect one child’s risk of relapse from leukaemia. 


Kids fighting cancer don't need miracles, they need medical research. 

Thanks for your support, you are making a real difference.

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