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86K for a Cure 2023

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I’m running 86km in memory of my beautiful mum

On the 7th November 2005 my world as I knew it changed for ever. Whilst she put up an incredible fight, it wasn’t enough and at age 51 my mum lost her battle with an aggressive form of melanoma.

My mum was my rock, my best friend, my go to and to have that taken away at such a young age was just too hard to comprehend. Why her, why us, why me, just why. I was angry, I was sad beyond words, the depths of grief so dark at times I wasn’t sure I would make it through.

After witnessing the pain, despair and fear that my mum and our entire family experienced, I couldn’t even begin to imagine what that must be like for a child and their family.

Family meant everything to my mum, she was incredibly proud of her children and absolutely loved being a nanny to my nephews. Whilst I can’t bring her back and believe me, I would give the world for one more hug, I want to do what I can to help other families.

Cancer cuts life short for hundreds of children every year in Australia. Every month, 86 children are diagnosed with cancer. Every week, 3 of those children will die. This is simply unacceptable.

So, this March, I am taking part in 86K for a Cure to help find safer more effective treatments for children with cancer and ultimately a cure for all childhood cancer.

I’m going to run 86km for the 86 children who are diagnosed with cancer each month.

A Childs life should not include cancer. You can be part of the solution. DONATE NOW and support my challenge because a life should be long.

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Theresa Mcmanus

So proud B!


Vy Cooper

You go gal!


Laura Doney


Diane Peroumal

Thank you for all that you do. You are incredible! Xx


Matt Cooper

That’s one way to break in some runners!


Richard Doney


Greg Beaven

Proud of you Briony. Love You 😘


Glenn Rodgerson

Good work .. beautiful person




Pip Henry

Go Bee girl!! Such an important cause! Thank you 🌸❤️


Jane Beaven

Good luck sis xxx


Rod & Julie

Love you Briony xxoo


Russell & Sue Aitken

Good luck 🤞




Wayne Beaven

Good luck with the run Briony.


Mandy Carllile

Happy to support , your mum is beautiful lady and what a great gift she has given you.


Amanda Webster

Way to go B, I’ll be cheering you on in spirit!! Xx


Lachlan Gelder

Hey B, what a great cause…… well done. 8 is my fav number and your beautiful mums age was 51…… 408 seems like the right number ❤️


Briony Doney


I am running 200km in memory of Vicki