Balmoral Swim 2021

14-28 March 2021

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Sunday, 28 March 2021


Balmoral Beach, Mosman NSW

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The Balmoral Swim is a unique open water swim held within the beauty of Sydney Harbour, making it a safe event for all. Whether you are a seasoned veteran or a newcomer to ocean swimming, we have an event for you.

We're back for 2021 with a Covid-safe event for everyone now over 3 weekends.

Sunday 14 March - Balmoral Team Challenge

Sunday 21 March - School's Relay Challenge

Sunday 28 March - Balmoral 5km/2km/1km

The Balmoral Swim has raised more than $1,400,000 since 2006 and this year hopes to raise $100,000. The event is in its 30th year and is organise by volunteers, most of whom are members of the Balmoral Beach Club. However, the entire local community gets behind the event to make it happen. From Mosman Council to HMAS Penguin, all supportered by our sponsors:

Gold - Audi Centre Mosman, Dexus and URM

Silver - Jeckra and Medilab

Bronze - Edney Ryan and Goodman


Event Location

Address: Balmoral Beach, Mosman NSW

Research leader Charley de Bock will be taking the plunge swimming in 2021's Balmoral Team Challenge

Dr Charley de Bock is taking the plunge

Dr Charley De Bock, Research Team Leader of the Functional Genomics of Leukaemia team at Children's Cancer Institute will be swimming in the Balmoral Team Challenge this year!

Despite Charley's training last year, the Swim was sadly cancelled. So he's more determined than ever!

Charley will be joined by his two children Sanne (14) and Harry (12), alongside their close friend Mark Dawson whose daughter, Carys, is currently undergoing treatment for leukaemia.

Swimming remains something that's way out of my comfort zone. Glad I'm being supported in the swim by my two children and friend Mark this year to continue to highlight the importance of our work in helping all children with cancer.

- Charley De Bock, Research Team Leader

Can Too Little Big Swim group photo

Learn to swim with Can Too

Can Too Foundation has safely taught nearly 5000 people to ocean swim who in return have raised funds for cancer research and prevention. Since 2009 Can Too have been training people in a supportive environment to complete the 1, 2 and 5km Balmoral Swim for Cancer events.  Find out more: and register your interest to train for the 2021 Balmoral Swim for Cancer:

Learning to ocean swim with Can Too is life changing. I missed the ocean living overseas. Since arriving home I'd seen people ocean swimming, but I didn't know how to, and felt unprepared to join in. From the very start of the Can Too program I felt like that this is part of me and these are my people. I was humbled and in awe of everyone's ability to progress with the things they teach you. Over time you put it all together and then next thing you know you're an ocean swimmer!

- Emily, CanToo Ocean Swimmer

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