Computational Drug Discovery Biology

We work on identifying new therapeutic targets and anticancer compounds to provide more treatment options for children with cancer.

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For virtually all of the most common paediatric cancers, there are no targeted drug therapies, leaving more harmful chemotherapies as the only option for many children. Treatment with these drugs can cause a whole range of debilitating side effects in children, not just during treatment but for many years to come – sometimes for life. There is a major unmet need for safe and effective cancer therapies for children.

Our Group focuses on using computational biology tools to identify new therapeutic vulnerabilities in childhood cancers, and to identify new or existing compounds capable of targeting those vulnerabilities. Since targeted compounds specifically act on cancer cells, they cause far less damage to healthy cells and therefore far fewer unwanted side effects.

The Group is a key capability of THerapeutic INnovations for Kids (THINK), a drug discovery initiative at Children’s Cancer Institute dedicated to generating new therapies for children with cancer and moving these from the lab to the clinic as quickly as possible.



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