86K for a Cure 2024

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kids with cancer

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Support my Challenge to Help Kids with Cancer!

I am taking part in 86K for a Cure to help find a cure for childhood cancer.

Every month, 86 children are diagnosed with cancer. There is usually no known cause, treatment can go on for many years and it puts an enormous strain on family life.

So I am conquering 86km for the 86 children who are diagnosed with cancer each month.

Together, we can help find a cure for childhood cancer and create safer, more effective treatments.

Please DONATE NOW and support my challenge to change the lives of kids with cancer.

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1 Nanny and Nan donated $301

2 Anonymous donated $158

3 Kym McAtee donated $150

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Hunter Di Francesco


Danielle Sterzl

So proud of you Sophie. x x x


Grant Yager


Sally Mcardle

You’re a superstar Soph! Love the McArdles



You’re amazing Sophie! Well done!


Sammi Szewczuk

Super proud of you Soph x


Dianne Brock


Melanie Millwood

Could not be any more proud of you Sophie. ❤️ Love you so much beautiful girl. Love Mum and Dad. Xxx


Kasey Aplin

We are so proud of you - always ❤️❤️ The Aplins


Nanny And Nan

Go girl. You’re a champion! Proud of you. Love Nanny and Nanna


Kirsty Rowe

What an incredible thing you are doing for others Sophie. Well done to you sweetheart 🤍💫


Myf Dunbabin


Kerry Schulz

Well done Sophie. We are right behind you. Kerry xx




Dana Pentland

Soph what a fabulous thing to do. You are so beautiful and so brave. Well done you.. We l9ve you



Very proud of you.❤


Amanda Puckett

Proud of you Soph, love Auntie A and Uncle Cheese xx


The Udumas

Love from the Udumas


Adam Weir

You’re such an inspirational legend Soph. 👏👍


Bec Dwyer

Well done Soph xx


Kat Jones

Love you Soph! Love Kat, Addi & Eamon xx


Alex Millwood


Zoe Allan

You’re doing awesome things Sophie! So proud!!


Lisa Bird


Kym Mcatee


Mackenzie Nurton

love you sophie🩷


Jennifer Benjamin

Keep fighting the fight


Sally Garrett

Donation from Aunty Loretta Aunt Sally and Uncle Bruce So proud of you xxx


Rebecca Sizer

Braver than you seem Stronger than you think Loved more than you know


Alli Crawford

Amazing stuff! Well done!


Sue Wills

Go Sophie! So in awe of you beautiful girl xxx



Well done Sophie we are right behind you


Anna Werner


Alice Ruggiero


Cameron White


Jaz Kurbalija

You are my hero Soph x


Tracey Dettmer

Well done Sophie you’re an inspiration!


The Kleinigs

Always been so very proud of you throughout this journey.. Grateful for Shaniqwa doing her thang!! Love you always! Jenna, Max, Addi and Tommy xxx


Di Gage


Pauline Davies


Max, Soph And Rob Millwood

Go Soph we love you! You are a superstar and we are so proud of you. Love Aunty Soph, Auncle Rob and Max!


Dana Holden

Keep the fight Sophie, you are a champ❤️


Elissa Lindegreen

You are amazing Soph! An incredible thing you’re doing - Love the Lindegreen family xo


Katie Hales

Love you Sophie xx


The Clarke’s

Proud of you soph for using your own terrifying experience to help others what a heart of gold Well done kiddo xxx Love rhi bazz and the girls


Julie & Adrian Newlands

You have always been so special to Adrian and I. You go girl. Love you heaps ❤️


Alexander Boers

Roses are red, violets are blue Jordan will run a part with you


Ellie Chomel

Get it girl!


Jordan Boers

Roses are red violets are blue go kick cancer in the bum


Charlotte Boers

so glad your doing this, love you xx


Shaelee Hermann


Kim Neave

So proud of you ! We love you


Celeste Worrall

Love you Sophie 🫶🫶🫶


Zahli Habel

love u xx



your a gorgeous person for doing this sophie! keep it up!!

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I am walking 86km as I have personally been impacted by cancer