Dr Daniel Carter

BMedSc (Hons)(UTS), PhD (UNSW)

Project Leader


Research theme

Gene Regulation in Cancer

Research group

Embryonal Cancer Therapy and Prevention


Dr Daniel Carter is a Cancer Institute NSW (CINSW) Fellow at Children’s Cancer Institute, whose work focuses on neuroblastoma. His research spans cancer biology and bioinformatics as part of the Embryonal Cancer Therapy and Prevention Group, led by Professor Glenn Marshall.

Neuroblastoma is the most common cancer in infants and accounts for approximately 15% of childhood cancer mortality. Despite extensive genomic sequencing in neuroblastoma, the discovery of actionable targets for therapy remains elusiveA key focus of Dan’s research involves single-cell RNA sequencing to detail the complex cellular ecosystems that constitute a tumour. He aims to utilise single-cell RNA-sequencing to unveil the mechanisms of drug resistance as a new method of targeted therapy selection.

'I believe that with this approach, we will be able to understand the complex reasons why cancer cells can escape existing therapies,’ he explains. ‘With this new information, we aim to design potent new anti-cancer therapies that improve survival as well as quality of life for kids with cancer.’


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