Sheryn Hanna

86K for a Cure 2024

I am walking 155km to support my Someone I love Chelsea Hanna

Conquered for
kids with cancer

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My target 155 kms

Support my Challenge to Help Kids with Cancer!

I am taking part in 86K for a Cure to help find a cure for childhood cancer.

Every month, 86 children are diagnosed with cancer. There is usually no known cause, treatment can go on for many years and it puts an enormous strain on family life.

So I am conquering 86km for the 86 children who are diagnosed with cancer each month.

Together, we can help find a cure for childhood cancer and create safer, more effective treatments.

Please DONATE NOW and support my challenge to change the lives of kids with cancer.

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1 Geoffrey Maslen donated $272

2 Dreamtar Pty Ltd donated $264

3 Emma Groat donated $264

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Kate Twist


Carolyn Cave


Verity Jones



Well done Sheryn and Crew for walking for Chelsea





Karen Horsington

Great cause Shen xo


John, Vikki And Sophie Hartley

Enjoyed your walking stories. So much love in every stride.... xx


Tracey Schneider


Angus And Sally Mcgilvray And Family

Wishing the whole family a healthy 2024. Well Done Sheryn


Candy Brumpton


Bruce & Anna Roberts

Hope we can all find a cure. So hard to watch a smiling little face fight such a problem. All the best little Chelsea.


Jimmy & George Hill

Sensational effort Sheryn! We are thinking of you all and sending our love.


Anna Cross

Amazing effort Sheryn and the whole team.


Brendan And Paula Harrison

Great Effort!


Hugh Hanna

Great work Sheryn


John And Trish Rowbotham


Peter And Sue Jolliffe


Tony Ballard And Dawn Johnson


Jacky Campbell

All the best to you & your family…


Norm Kennedy

Thinking of little Chelsea


Kylie Douglas

Great work


Janine Phillips


Raylee Burey

Hope this will help your fundraising


Wallina Todd

Well done Shen! Thinking of you all xx


Melanie & Tony Collins


Nora Horsington

You are doing a magnificent job


Helen Irwin


Dreamtar Pty Ltd

Well done Shen 💕


Emma Groat


Anthony And Susan Struss


Maree Brennan

Good luck 🤞


Toni Mansfield

Sending love and hugs to dear little Chelsea. Thinking of you all Shan, stay strong, and all the best. xo


Janny Burton

With you every step Shen. xxx


Michelle Reiken

Thinking of you and your family often 😘


Dianne Young


Lisa Clark


Jan Chambers


Peter & Jo Warren


Bernadette Jackson

All the very best to your little grand baby.


Nancy Fitzgibbon

Great effort Shen


Robyn Hockey


Beanie Mackenzie


Jan Pallisier


Madonna And Lyle Connolly

Little Chelsea is such an adorable little Angel so very special in every way. I love her bright beautiful smile always looks happy. Danielle you are a very special Mum. What a wonderful act to do Sheryn.


Graham Taylor


Nora Horsington

Great job


Marrianne & Brett Horsington

Great work Shen


Maria Ridge

Wonderful of u Sheryn & so tough on u all watching one so young with this horrible disease 🥰


Krystle Hartley


Lee Goodall

Great work Sheryn!!


Tracey White


Sue And Warren Wilson


Fiona Bidgood


Glenda Murphy

Goodluck with your worthy challenge


Kristin Young

More than happy to support you Sheryn, the worthiest cause of all.


Robyn Woods

Sending all my love and support.


Rick & Le-anne Whitton

Thinking of you all Sheryn hope all is going well for your beautiful little granddaughter xx


Geoffrey Maslen

1 dollar for every k hope it helps


Pj Laffey

Good luck All the best to you all xx


Lisa Lemon

Only small but I hope it helps ,XOXO 🙏


Adrienne Mansfield

Good on you Sheryn


Sheryn Hanna

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I am walking 155km for Chelsea Hanna to help find a cure for childhood cancer