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86K for a Cure 2024

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kids with cancer

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Support my Challenge to Help Kids with Cancer!

I am taking part in 86K for a Cure to help find a cure for childhood cancer.

Every month, 86 children are diagnosed with cancer. There is usually no known cause, treatment can go on for many years and it puts an enormous strain on family life.

So I am conquering 86km for the 86 children who are diagnosed with cancer each month.

Together, we can help find a cure for childhood cancer and create safer, more effective treatments.

Please DONATE NOW and support my challenge to change the lives of kids with cancer.

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1 Ben Barnes donated $106

2 personal running coach donated $69

3 Travis Barnes donated $69

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Keep up the good work. We are so proud of you


Corin Mclean

So proud of you doing this xx


Jodie White

Good luck Alana, you got this!


Travis Barnes


David Failla

We are all cheering you on Alana, awesome job 💪


Kale Shack



Natalie Chisholm


Ben Barnes

Great work sweetheart


Personal Running Coach

run faster


Brickworks Match

We’re proud to support your challenge to help kids with cancer.


Sophie Obrien

go girl😘



Omg well done Alana ur the best person ever ❤️❤️


Jack Drury



run faster.


Mike Hunt

I am Steve Harvey actually


Dic 👩‍🦰

You go running slay Good Samaritan queen yippee yabba yabba


Paris Roddom

get ittt


Beau B


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I am running 100km to help find a cure for childhood cancer