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CEO Dare to Cure brings together leading CEOs and business leaders from across Australia to face a fear by taking on a dare, and at the same time, help cure childhood cancer. 

Join other CEOs and business leaders at one of our iconic events: Melbourne event on the 18th of October 2024 or Sydney event on the 25th of October 2024


“CEO Dare to Cure is the number one event that any CEO or leader should seriously consider doing. It’s a chance to come together to help children with cancer. There’s nothing better really.”

- Chris Dutton, Founder, The CEO Magazine

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Professor Michelle Haber AM

About the Children’s Cancer Institute 

Children’s Cancer Institute is the only independent medical research institute in Australia wholly dedicated to curing childhood cancer. Cancer kills more children than any other disease, so our research is critical. With the brightest brains, cutting-edge facilities, and the greatest determination, we will get the job done.   
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Main Event Dares

Ice bath for CEO Dare to Cure

1. Athlete's Ice Bath Challenge 

Can you brave the deep freeze? 

image of hot coals

2. Walking on Fire & Glass 

Hold your nerve for this double act

Image of snakes

3. Snake Bath Challenge 

Dedication to doing the unimaginable 

image of shaver

4. The BIG Shave 

A hairy sacrifice - choose from your head, eyebrows or beard OR why not be brave and go 'the mullet' or even a Mohawk!

5. 3-Hour Cycle 

Can you endure 3 straight hours (on a stationary bike), dedicated to the 3 kids that die every week from cancer?

6. Dare Devil Stunt Jump (Sydney only)

Channel your inner daredevil, face your fear of heights and take flight off this 7m stunt jump platform, height of 2-story house!

7. Mystery Box

Will you face your fears and place your hands into our Mystery Box? Will it be creepy crawlies, or slithering snakes, who knows!

Extreme fitness challenge image for CEO Dare To Cure

8. Ultimate Team Fitness Challenge (supported by Bowerbird Interiors)

Rally a team of 6 to take on an Ultimate fitness challenge and get put through your paces.

Extreme Dare Challenges - (Sydney Only)
Eligibility for Extreme Dares - $500 personal donation and $7k fundraising

1. SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium's Shark Dive Xtreme

Date: Friday 1st November 2024

Challenge your fear of diving with sharks by going face to face for 30 minutes… without a cage in SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium’s Shark Dive Xtreme.

Limited 12 spots only!

2. 15,000ft Sky Dive challenge

Date: Saturday 2nd November

Challenge your fear of heights, with this adrenalin pumping, freefall towards the idyllic NSW coastline, in Wollongong.

Limited 8 spots only!

Where the money goes

Research & scientific activities to help cure childhood cancer

Last year, 84 cents of every dollar spent within the institute was spent directly on dedicated research to help cure childhood cancer.

Fundraising activities to generate donations and increase funding

Core support services and infrastructure cost, vital to keep the institute running

Meet our 2024 Event Ambassadors 

Novalie Morris

Novalie was in her first year of school when the bombshell hit: a diagnosis of leukaemia. Not long after, her mum was diagnosed with breast cancer. Four years and two relapses later, Novalie continues to show us all how to get the most out of life.

 Read Novalie's Story

Ashton Epthorp

Living on the outskirts of Sydney, Ashton was a very energetic 6-year-old boy, enjoying year 1 at school, and spending his free time playing outside. When he became lethargic and developed a cough, a cancer diagnosis was the last thing his parents expected.

Read Ashton's Story

Frequently Asked Questions


What is Children's Cancer Institute's CEO Dare to Cure? 

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CEO Dare to Cure brings together leading CEOs and business leaders from across Australia to face a fear by taking on a dare, and at the same time, help cure childhood cancer. Choose from either our Sydney event or Melbourne.

When and where are the CEO Dare to Cure events?

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Sydney – Friday 25 October, 6am – 9.30am at The Conservatory + Members Lawn, Royal Randwick

Melbourne – Friday 18 October, 6am- 9.30am at The Timber Yard, Melbourne

What should my fundraising target be? 

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Be ambitious. We ask individual participants to pledge a $5,000 target if participating as an individual or $3000 if part of a team. We encourage you to reach for the stars and set a higher target if you can.

Can I do more than one Dare? 

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Due to numbers, each participant will be able to take on one dare only.

Do I have to do one of the Dares on the website? 

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Yes - if you would like to participate, you will need to complete one of the pre-selected Dares.

Do I have to attend the event or can I do the Dares at a different time? 

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As CEO Dare to Cure is a special one-day fundraising event, we require all participants to attend your selected event (either Sydney or Melbourne). If you can no longer attend, please let us know as we do have alternate dates available for our Extreme Dares – Shark Dive Xtreme or 15,000ft Sky Dive.   

Who can register for Dare to Cure? 

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CEO Dare to Cure is open to CEOs and business leaders (C Suite and Heads of Department) who dare to help cure childhood cancer.

Can I invite a colleague, peer or friend to participate? 

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Yes - you can invite a colleague, peer or friend if they area a CEO or business leader and are also committed to raising fundraising targets listed above. As this is a fundraising event, unfortunately we will not accept participants who haven’t fundraised. 

What happens once I register? 

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Once you register you will receive an automated email confirming your registration. Within 48 hours, you’ll also receive a personal email from the CEO Dare to Cure team with more information with regards to kick-starting your fundraising campaign.

Can I register on someone's behalf? 

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Yes, as long as you complete all of the required fields the participant does not need to personally complete the registration process.

How do I donate to an individual? 

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Clicking the 'Donate' tab at the top right-hand side of the home page will take you to all of the fundraising pages. Simply search by first name or last name of the person you wish to support.

How can I get in touch to find out more? 

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Contact the CEO Dare to Cure team using our online contact form or email corporate@ccia.org.au and we will respond within 24 hours Monday - Friday. Note our office is not open on weekends so we will come back to weekend queries on Monday.

Event day

Where are the event venues?

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Sydney - The venue is located at The Conservatory + Members Lawn, Royal Randwick- Google Maps link here.

Melbourne – The venue is located at The Timber Yard, Port Melbourne, Melbourne. Google Maps link here and website here

Is there parking at the venue? 

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Sydney - Yes on site parking is available at the venue.

Melbourne – Yes, there is 200+ unmetered and untimed spaces on Plummer & Smith St next to the venue

Is there public transport to the event?

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Sydney - Catch a light rail service to the Royal Randwick stop on Alison Road which is opposite the racecourse main entrance.

Melbourne – Bus Route 234 & 235 then 5 min walk to the venue.

What time should I arrive? 

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Please arrive at 6am for registration

What should I bring? 

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Clothing that is suitable for Dare activities! If you have selected the Athlete's Ice Bath Challenge we suggest you bring some board shorts, rash vest or t-shirt to get wet along with a towel and warm clothes to get changed into.

Will I be insured on the day? 

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Children's Cancer Institute has standard insurance required for the conduct of its fundraising events, and the providers of the individual Dares have appropriate insurance for their activities. As stated in the Terms & Conditions, Children's Cancer Institute will not insure you individually or your employer specifically in relation to any aspect of the event including the Dares. It is recommended that any necessary personal insurance is taken out to cover your participation prior to the event. 

Can I bring friends and family to the event to spectate? 

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We will assess whether the event will allow spectators closer to the event, depending on the COVID guidelines at that time.  

Will there be catering? 

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Yes, there will be suitable refreshments available free of charge.

What facilities will be available on the day? 

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There will be a marquee and changing tents. There won't be showers at the event due to the nature of the venue.


Can I continue to fundraise after the event? 

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Absolutely, if the participant has not reached their goal they can continue to fundraise until they reach their target for up to eight weeks after the event. 

What’s the best way to share my  success with my team?

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You have ‘Dared to Cure’ so make sure you celebrate your success by sharing photos with your team, peers and networks. Don’t forget to include #ceodaretocure & your personal fundraising link. This will encourage people to continue to support you after the event. 

How does corporate dollar matching work? 

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Many companies have the ability to apply for corporate dollar matching after the event closes. Feel free to make enquiries prior to the day as to the status of your  company’s dollar match policy. You should be rewarded for your amazing efforts. 

What are your hashtags for social media sharing?

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Our hashtag is #ceodaretocure. We encourage you to follow this and include this hashtag on any content you share on socials!