Our Ambassadors

Scott Cam

Scott Cam is one of Australia’s best loved television personalities. As host of The Block on Nine Network, Scott’s laidback larrikin attitude has won him millions of fans across Australia, as evidenced by his 2014 Gold Logie award and we’re so grateful for his support of Build for a Cure and Children’s Cancer Institute.

"When Bill McDonald asked me to join the Build for a Cure campaign to raise funds for Children's Cancer Institute, I was thrilled to have a way I could personally help. These people aren't asking for a miracle, just the funds to make it happen. Children's Cancer Institute's determination is infectious and I encourage all Aussies to give generously."
- Scott Cam

Carys's Story

Carys was a bright and active little girl, happy to try anything. But she very nearly didn’t make it to 7 years of age.  Having since turned the corner, she says she is now looking forward to life “getting back to normal”. That, and “getting a doggy” 

Carys was about to fly with her family to Fiji for a much-anticipated family holiday when she suddenly took ill. First she had an ear infection, then constant nose bleeds, easy bruising, and a complete lack of energy. It was clear that something was very wrong.

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Joel's Story

12-week-old Joel was a perfectly healthy, happy baby, with one strange symptom - he made a squeaky noise when he breathed. The first doctor Melissa took him to diagnosed bronchitis, the second doctor diagnosed croupe - and the third discovered something that would change their lives forever.

Unsatisfied with the first two diagnoses, Melissa took Joel to a third doctor to find out once and for all what was causing a squeaky sound when he breathed. "Joel was in no distress, but the constant noise was making me frustrated and anxious - I needed the doctor to hear it." A chest x-ray revealed a mass in Joel's chest, and Melissa was told to take him straight to Sydney Children's Hospital Westmead for further tests.

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Maria's Story

Spending far more time in hospital than at home, Maria's first few years of life were traumatic.

On the brink of death not once, not twice, but many times, the fact that she is alive today is nothing short of a miracle.

"Maria essentially grew up in hospital. All her milestones happened in hospital - she started walking in there, said her first words in there..."
 - Cathy, Maria's Mum.

Now 15 years of age, Maria has grown into a kind, respectful and caring young teenager, with a sensitivity rare for someone her age.

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Jonah's Story

Always a clown who wanted to make people laugh, Jonah was just about to turn two when he was diagnosed with leukaemia. More than ten years on, he still likes to be funny. But with the memories and consequences of treatment to deal with, he now knows life has a more serious side.

"Everything in your life just shifts. I stopped working for two years."- Amanda, Jonah's mum

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