They need our help.
We need yours.

Every year, over 1000 Australian
children are diagnosed with cancer.
They can't find a cure by themselves.

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If a child could cure themself of cancer, they would.

They would spend their days in the lab, searching for ways to put an end to their pain, and get back to being a kid again

But they need our research.

Help our team pioneer safer and more effective treatments for children with cancer.

A life should be long.

Harnessing the latest technology in childhood cancer research

Modern technology is giving us extraordinary insights into the mechanisms causing childhood cancer and allowing us to begin to answer many important questions about the causes and drivers. This means we can develop new, novel targeted treatments for children with cancer. And we’re sharing this data and collaborating globally so we can accelerate better outcomes for all children with cancer, sooner.

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“If a child you love is diagnosed with cancer, you’ll need the research that is happening now.” 

– Sarah, Lucy’s mum

Every year over 1000 children are diagnosed with cancer. Children like Lucy, who was diagnosed with Ewing sarcoma, an aggressive and rare tumour at just three years old. Doctors gave her a 30% chance of survival.

Our cutting-edge research was able to identify several genes that were driving Lucy's cancer. For one of these, we were also able to identify a drug that has the potential to prevent her from relapsing. It was something not normally considered for her cancer.

Lucy started kindergarten this year. If she relapses, that treatment may be life-saving. Children like Lucy need us. We need you. Support our research today.

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Where your donation goes.

84% Research & scientific activities to help cure childhood cancer.

Last year, 84 cents of every dollar spent within the Institute was spent directly on dedicated research to help cure childhood cancer.

10% Fundraising activities to generate donations and increase funding.

6% Core support services and infrastructure cost, vital to keep the Institute running.

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Note: The little boy you see in our campaign is Alex, he’s an actor. We work with many children and families affected by cancer who share their stories with us. But for campaigns like this, where we spend many hours on briefing, filming and photography, it’s simply not reasonable to ask a child with cancer to take on this role. All the stories featured on our website are real stories of children who have experienced this awful disease. Each of them show why our research is so important. If you would like to read them please visit

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