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Every week, 20 Australian kids are diagnosed with cancer. We know research is the key to curing all kids with cancer. That's why we are dedicated to pioneering more effective and safer treatments for kids with cancer, but we need your help to do it.

Finley (pictured) was only nine years old when his life was cut devastatingly short by a deadly Brain tumour DIPG.

After a busy weekend of sports Finley, had complained he was seeing double and was feeling tired. As the week progressed his parents became concerned and took Finley to Sydney Children’s Hospital. From that moment things spiralled rapidly. 

An MRI scan was ordered and by 6 pm that night, Finley’s parents received the devastating news that Finley had a brain tumour. An incurable tumour called diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma, or DIPG. Finley’s parents were faced with the unthinkable. Their child was going to die and there was nothing they could do about it.

Finley’s family is sharing his story to highlight the importance and urgent need for research into this deadly brain tumour DIPG. Donate now and every dollar will be matched!

How you can support

By donating today not only are you supporting our vital research, every dollar you donate will be doubled** - that's double the impact.

Your donation will be doubled thanks to our wonderful supporter In Vitro Technologies Pty Ltd - a scientific and medical distribution company, and other generous supporters.

Tax time is a great moment to add your support – you can claim your tax-deductible gift in your next tax return if you give before 30 June.

covers cost of a nutrient solution to grow brain cancer samples in the lab for a month.

covers cost of consumables to prepare & preserve a patient sample for future research.

funds a senior researcher and their consumables at the lab bench for an hour.

covers the cost of DNA sequencing to identify leukaemia markers in one child.

The impact of your support

See the difference your donation can make. Watch Jack's story.

*Over 1000 children aged 0-19 years are diagnosed with cancer every year in Australia.
Australian Institute of Health and Welfare

**Donations will be doubled up to AUD 80,000

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