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Not everyone gets to experience as many Christmases as you have. This Christmas, show your appreciation by donating $1 for every year of life you have lived, and help more children beat cancer.


Every week, in Australia, 3 children lose their lives to cancer. These kids don’t get to experience anywhere near enough life, birthdays, holidays, or adventures. They don’t get to see many Christmases either.

This year, please show your appreciation for every Christmas you have been lucky enough to have, by Donating Your Age. That’s just $1 for every Christmas.

Your donation will help the research team at Children’s Cancer Institute find a cure, so that more children get the chance to grow up, and grow old, and experience as many Christmases as you have.

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to help children beat cancer and get the chance to grow up and experience as many Christmases as I have.

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Could cover the cost of preparing and preserving a sample of a child’s cancer enrolled on the Zero Childhood Cancer Program.
Will allow us to test a drug on a cell line of a child’s cancer, to see how they respond and if the drug has the potential to be used as a treatment.
Will cover the cost of a blood-based minimal residual disease (MRD) test for one child, allowing us to monitor the progress of their disease and possible predict relapse.
Allows us to do a functional genomic analysis of a tumour, to understand how the cells behave and determine if a certain genetic change is responsible for cancer growth.

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"Without the Zero Childhood Cancer Program Ka’ili would have had a slim chance of survival when her cancer relapsed in her lungs. We absolutely need to implement technologies like ZERO to analyse the tumors of kids diagnosed in the future and come up with solutions that allow them to live long, healthy lives."

- Professor Glenn Marshall AM

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Donate Your Age

Where the money goes.

84% Research & scientific activities to help cure childhood cancer.

Last year, 84 cents of every dollar spent within the institute was spent directly on dedicated research to help cure childhood cancer.

10% Fundraising activities to generate donations and increase funding.

6% Core support services and infrastructure cost, vital to keep the institute running.

You're supporting kids like Ka'ili

At just four years old, Ka’ili was taken to hospital where a scan revealed a tumour the size of a rockmelon in her kidney.

Just short of a year after her treatment began, Ka’ili relapsed. This time, she was to face six months of intensive chemotherapy, along with radiation therapy and a bone marrow transplant.

Ka’ili was enrolled on the Zero Childhood Cancer Program (ZERO) and the team was able to identify a drug to target Ka’ili’s cancer. Five months later, Ka’ili was in remission.

Donate Your Age to support research like ZERO, and give more children like Ka’ili the chance to enjoy more Christmases with their family.

Donate Your Age

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Get well soon

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My dad was a cancer survivor too. I hope this helps more lives.

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