Donate Your Age. 

This Childhood Cancer Awareness month, help us find a cure for every child with cancer by donating $1 for every year of life you have been lucky enough to live.


Most people take getting old for granted.
At Children’s Cancer Institute we do not.
Sadly, 3 children die from cancer every week in Australia.
These kids don’t get to experience growing old, or even growing up.

This Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, please support our life-saving research, by Donating Your Age.

Donate Your Age is not just about giving, it’s about showing your appreciation for every precious year we have been given. And it's about helping our research team find a cure for every child with cancer, so that they get the chance to grow up, and grow older, like you have.

A life should be long.

I am
years old
and I'm donating


this Childhood Cancer Awareness Month
to help children beat cancer and get the
chance to grow up, and grow older, like I have.
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Will allow us to do functional genomic analysis of brain cancer cells, to try to understand their biology and how the cells behave.
Will provide 3 months of antibody to detect abnormal proteins in cancer cells which may drive aggressive growth of the tumour.
Will allow us to test a single drug on a cell line of brain cancer, to see how the cells respond and if the drug has the potential to be used as a treatment.
Will enable our researchers to grow a brain cancer sample in the lab for two months, so we can test new therapies.

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Since being diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia at just three years old, Wyatt has undergone daily chemotherapy, weekend antibiotics, intermittent steroids, never-ending finger pricks, Lumbar Punctures, IV chemotherapy and more.

While has now been declared in remission, his family lives with the ever-present fear of relapse and side effects from the devastating treatment.

“I thank you with all my heart and soul for being amongst those who realise we have to do more. Our kids need it. They deserve it." Says mum Jess.

Help us create safer and more effective treatments for children like Wyatt.

Donate Your Age

Where the money goes.

84% Research & scientific activities to help cure childhood cancer.

Last year, 84 cents of every dollar spent within the institute was spent directly on dedicated research to help cure childhood cancer.

10% Fundraising activities to generate donations and increase funding.

6% Core support services and infrastructure cost, vital to keep the institute running.

Professor Maria Kavallaris and her team are pioneering research using nanomedicine to deliver targeted drugs directly to a child’s tumour cells, killing only those cells and leaving healthy cells untouched. This is not only more effective in killing cancer cells, it reduces devastating side effects that affect so many children with cancer.

We need your to help accelerate this ground-breaking research.

Donate Your Age

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A big thank you to everyone
that donated their age.

Kylie Brown

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Ashleigh Davison

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Kristie Litchfield

For our childhood cancer warrior, Ryker, and all the kids out there just like him who have had to or are going to walk this path. We will help find a cure because a life should be long, happy and healthy.

2d ago

Dimitris Lironis

2d ago

Greg Sawyer

Donation on behalf of Phil's V 40th birthday

2d ago


For Charlie 🤍

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Jo Crutchett


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Georgina Jeston

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