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We're taking part in CEO Dare to Cure 2022 in support of Children’s Cancer Institute.

We all know someone who has been affected by cancer, now imagine hearing the words ‘your child has cancer’.

This year more than 1000 families will hear those words and you may not know, but cancer still kills more kids in Australia than any other disease. Every week nearly three Australian children and adolescents will die of cancer. 

We believe this is three too many, that’s why this year we have agreed to step out of our comfort zone and raise funds to find a cure for the brave kids who face the fear of treatment every single day. 

$5,000 will help us conduct minimal residual disease testing for two children with leukaemia so we can detect their risk of relapse.


Kids fighting cancer don't need miracles, they need medical research. 

Thanks for your support, you are making a real difference.

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Matt Hurford


Shihab Nakajima

Big respect Matt for you are doing. I look forward to see your shaved head !!




Canary It

We can’t wait see you at the office post. Great cause Matt



Can't wait to see you waxed inside out!


Krithika Radhakrishnan

Thank you Matt for helping me be a part of this cause.


Adrian Van Pelt

a very worthy cause indeed.


Scott Dawkins

Awesome cause!


Florian Gallon

Good job for a great cause




Mikiyo Hakone


Jean Yang


Arun Kumar

Great initiative Matt!!


Owen Roberts

Do it, well done :)


Tom King

For an excellent cause


Mum & Dad Hurford

It is a long time since we saw you with no facial hair let alone bald!!


Ross's Bald Head

You will be assimilated.



Great cause, go Matt


Su Ping Kuang

You are big hearted Matt, may you be blessed with even more bountiful hair when they grow get what you giveth.. ;-)




Balbeer Bhurjhee

Nice Matt. Good luck.


Nancy Hart

I want to see Matt go full cueball!




Jon Dawes

I've got a great pair of clippers if you need a hand!


Gemma Williams

Bald… good on you!



Great cause, well done Hurfy


Daniel Rugbur


Anastasia Kiteri


Lana Mcguinness

Good on you Matt


Paul Mc

Good on ya Matty... 👍


Carmel Meleady

Good work


Brett Swain

Good job Matt ;)


Robert Butler



Awesome cause Hurfy, well done mate..


Kath Tanner

Great stuff Matt


Ali Karnoub

Great initiative for a great cause. Go Matt!


Sagaya Mary Joseph Bernard


Keiran Mccartney

Love your work, Hurf!


Jon Erikson


Italia Breccione


Tabletoearth Mattc