Alistair McElligott

CEO, Entsia

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I'm taking on the The Brave Shave

I’m taking part in CEO Dare to Cure 2021 in support of Children’s Cancer Institute.

Cancer still kills more kids in Australia than any other disease. Every week nearly three Australian children and adolescents will die of cancer. 

I believe this is three too many, that’s why this year I have agreed to step out of my comfort zone and raise funds to find a cure for the brave kids who face the fear of treatment every single day. 

$2,600 will fund the development of life-saving minimal residual disease tests to detect one child’s risk of relapse from leukaemia. 


Kids fighting cancer don't need miracles, they need medical research. 

Thanks for your support, you are making a real difference.

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Katrin Stoecker

You are a legend Alistair! I am very proud of you taking on the challenge and giving these families hope!


Erich Hunziker


Tom Ludescher


Alistair Mcelligott