Every week in Australia, 20 kids are diagnosed with cancer*. That’s a classroom of kids, every single week.

These kids will undergo treatment that is devastating to their young bodies. And many won’t survive. In fact, three kids each week die from cancer in Australia.

At Children’s Cancer Institute, we know that research is the key to curing all children with cancer. That’s why we are dedicated to pioneering more effective and safer treatments for children with cancer. But we need your help to do it.

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How you can support

When you donate to Children's Cancer Institute, you are making a direct contribution to our dedicated team of researchers to help them develop treatments that help children with cancer survive to live happy, healthy lives. Here are some of the things you can support:

covers cost of a nutrient solution to grow brain cancer samples in the lab for a month.

covers cost of consumables to prepare & preserve a patient sample for future research.

funds a senior researcher and their consumables at the lab bench for an hour.

covers the cost of DNA sequencing to identify leukaemia markers in one child.

The impact of your support

See the difference your donation can make. Watch Jack's story.

*Over 1000 children aged 0-19 years are diagnosed with cancer every year in Australia.
Australian Institute of Health and Welfare

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